WD 220 Serie

the first all-in-one wheel drive with IPM motor technology

Electric Wheel Drive for Agriculture


Electric Wheel Drive for AGV


Electric Wheel Drive for Airport GSE


Electric Wheel Drive for ATV


Electric Wheel Drive for Cleaning


Electric Wheel Drive for Construction


Battery Saver

discover all the advantages of WD 220 Serie

 High Precision 

An extremely precise gearbox allows the machines positioning in a perfect way. Backlash free thanks to keyless system.

 Power Density 

The integrated high efficiency motor with IPM technology reaches peak powers up to 10kW in just 160mm.

 All in One 

WD 220 Serie has been designed to allow cartridge motor full integrated in gearbox housing reducing volumes and weights.

 Extreme Conditions 

Ready for extreme working conditions thanks to high radial loads capacity and IP class up to 6K9K.

More Power

Small in size. Big on capability.

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WD 220 Serie Wheel Drive Details
WD 220 Serie Wheel Drive Tyre
WD 220 Serie Wheel Drive Polyurethane
WD 220 Serie Wheel Drive
WD 220 Serie Wheel Drive Terminal Details
WD 220 Serie Wheel Drive Polyurethane
WD 220 Serie Planetary Gearbox
WD 220 Serie Wheel Driv Sin Cos

Simple & Flexible

seamless installation

Which WD 220 is right for you?

Electric Wheeldrive allpurpose


Electric Wheeldrive Indoor AGV Material Handling


Electric Wheeldrive Outdoor Construction Machinery


Electric Wheeldrive Outdoor Off Road Extreme


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