Electrification Solutions for Dumpers

A dumper is an iconic vehicle designed for carrying bulk material in building sites. We have been supplying dumper gearboxes for fifty years and today we are ready for the new challenge of electrification.

Emission-free thanks to electric drive, but with the same performance parameters as conventional construction vehicles, with fully electric dumpers you can work everywhere. Discover all Benevelli solutions.

Electrification AWP
Electric solutions for constructions

Electric Solutions for Dumpers

Benevelli electric drivelines are based on a modular platform that starts with a 48V system and can be scaled up to 650V.

Platform includes products for traction as front and rear electric transaxles, central dropboxes with integrated electric motor and all-in-one solution wheeldrive units.

It includes also solutions for steering and lifting as electro-hydraulic noiseless pumps and geared motors.

Electric wheel Drives for dumpers

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Mini, Tracked or Wheeled Dumper?

No problem thanks to Benevelli modular solutions with powers from 300W to 30kW. From low to high voltage Benevelli solutions are available with air and liquid cooled system to achieve the best performances in its class.

All Wheel Drives dumper All Wheel Drives dumper

All Wheel Drives

Electric Wheel Drives delivery power on each single wheel with minimized volumes. This solution guarantees maximum traction even in the conditions of use on the heaviest terrain.

Electric Wheel Drives for Lawn Mowers Electric Wheel Drives for Lawn Mowers

Two Wheel Drives

Electric Transaxle is an easy-to-install low-cost solution to convert dumper up to 1.000Kg load capacity into electric. Available with or without differential lock and with drum brakes option.

How electrical machines will change the construction industry.

Since European regulations on emissions keep changing, diesel-operated machines could be banned altogether in the future. This could mean a serious decline in business for the construction industry.

Construction sector is responsible for 11% of energy-related carbon emissions.

Being eco-friendly gives off a positive impression to consumers in residential and commercial construction. Dozens of corporations are expanding their base of supporters and investors through public relations efforts branding themselves as environmentally and socially responsible.

No More Noise

One of the biggest complaints that construction sites get from neighboring communities is that they produce a lot of noise. With quieter, electric machines construction sites can be put up in stricter areas and have longer workdays. In some jurisdictions, they can possibly even allow for sites to be run at night.

No More Emissions

Running electric motors contributes less to pollution than running internal combustion engines, since they do not directly rely on burning fuels. In addition to producing a safer environment, cleaner construction equipment may in the future save construction companies money by entitling them to emission-reducing tax incentives.

No More Maintenance

Internal combustion engines have large amounts of moving parts. In contrast, electric motors have very few, meaning there is way less that can go wrong. Electric construction equipment breaks down less frequently and requires fewer checkups. Construction companies who buy, lease, or rent these will end up spending less on maintenance, and will be slowed down less frequently by equipment downtime.

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