Electrification Solutions for Agricultural Machinery

At Benevelli we design and produce mechatronics components for a wide range of agricultural applications, such as feed mixers, sprayers, harvesters, and greenhouses machines.

The use of battery power for agricultural vehicles and machinery promises to revolutionise the agricultural industry by lowering costs and improving production. From battery powered large tractors to autonomous small electric robots, battery and solar power are changing the face of agriculture.

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Electro Hydraulic Pumps Electro Hydraulic Pumps

Electro Hydraulic Pumps

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Hydrostatic drive systems from Benevelli offer many advantages yo your agricultural machinery.

Compact and noiseless pumps reach until 300bar pressure and can replace rigid shafts for power transmissions delivering all the energy to your auxiliary system.

Discover the advantages of IPM motors that delivers to your machinery efficiency up to 97%

Electric Wheel Drives


Benevelli electric wheel drives are the best solution when designing wheeled off-road machinery. With an high load capacity combined to a compact design, these solutions deliver the higher power in the smallest size for to your agricultural machinery.

Discover the advantages of the electric motor integrated in the planetary gearbox, it will facilitate the design of your next machine.

Electric Motors


High power density synchronous electric motors for agricultural machinery designed in low and high voltage configurations. The liquid-cooled version delivers lots of power in a small footprint.

Benevelli electric motors are optimal choice for your agricultural machinery, discover the whole range, with peak power up to 200kW.



With Ben-Connect connectivity system, everything is under control. Ben-connect is a small hardware that's once installed on your agricutlural machinery brings sensitive data in real time to a cloud platform.

Upload of statistical information can provide useful indications to improve the management of the equipments and technical health maintenance can be scheduled in a more efficient way.

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