PMAC Electric Motors

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The most complete PMAC motor range in the market.

Efficiency and power beyond belief, designed for those who defy limits and change the world.

IPM technology performance up to 40% more efficient than traditional electric motors, setting a new standard on electrification.

PMAC IPM Electric Motor Liquid Cooled

Toward the future

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Electric Motor IPM

IPM Technology

SMAC Serie utilizes highly engineered rotor design to achieve the highest efficiencies. Higher power density comes from NeFeB rare earth magnet NiCuNi surface-coated.

Electric Motor IP


Ultra protected design that allows protection up to IP6K9K. We offer watertight IPM motors according to IEC norms. Our tested IP motor series features watertight, enclosed aluminum motor housings and terminal boxes. 

Electric Motor IPM Potting


There are many advantages in encapsulating a motor as obtain an excellent electrical insulation, high thermal dissipation, protect from chemicals, humidity, dust and bumps. Using epoxy resins there is no waste and no emission.

Electric Motor IP

Liquid Cooled

Effectively lowering the heat produced by current is a key factor in creating stable electric motor performance. Liquid-cooled motors use a water-glycol based liquid to cool down the body, this coolant is circulated through passages built into motor.

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