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Complete E-Powertrains

Unlike the electrification of classic EV, All-Terrain Vehicles has very different considerations, including extremely harsh environments in which these vehicles must continue to reliably operate.

Furthermore, these vehicles must have extreme performance but at the same time very compact and light powertrains. 

Double Power

Optimize weights distribution, thus optimizing the mass of the powertrains once installed on your electric vehicle.

No More Wheel Spin

Locking the diffs prevents this by sending equal drive to both wheels on an axis. You’re gonna need a set of lockers. 

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No software installations required

Motor Technology

In recent years, the emerging electric vehicle market, extent rising rare-earth magnet costs, have boosted demand for interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors.

With advantages like constant power over a broad speed range and a magnet-retaining design, IPM motors provide a good solution for applications like traction motors and machine tools.

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