SMAC 200-210 is the New Benevelli Electric Motor

Next Gen Electric Motor

We have designed a new electric motor even more powerful and more efficient.

This is the new 200-210 model (SMAC Serie), Benevelli electric motors family with synchronous technology.

This new model allows us to achieve even higher performance making it ideal for Off-Highway and eMobility applications

IPM Technology improves the energy saving effect

Double Torque and high power rotation

Motor Curve

SMAC 200-210

Efficiency Map

SMAC 200-210
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In recent years, the emerging electric vehicle market, extent rising rare-earth magnet costs, have boosted demand for interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors.

With advantages like constant power over a broad speed range and a magnet-retaining design, IPM motors provide a good solution for applications like traction motors and machine tools.

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