The Future of Farming

 Electrical Solutions for Agricultural Machinery 

Electric Tractors, Agrobot and Electric Tools

The agricultural mechanics industry is investing significant resources to develop electric motors able to replace, over time, those fueled with fossil fuels.

The appropriate motor power and battery life are still a challenge from a technological point of view. Furthermore, due to global population growth, a higher degree of productivity, efficiency and accuracy is required than ever before.

Agricultural motion control requirements are expanding in a wide range of areas from the need for more precise placement in seeding applications, to equipment positioning, driver assistance, and even autonomous vehicle control.

Moving Towards Electrification

IPM Electric Motors

Interior Permanent Magnet Motors with high power density and high efficiency with protection up to IP6K9K.

IPM Electric Motors

Wheel Drives

Compact scalable wheel drive with waterproof electric motors. All power you need integrated into your wheels.

Wheel Drives for Agriculture

Electric Transaxles

Fully configurabile electric powertrains for machines up to 3.500GVW.

Axle with Electric Motors

Hydraulic Pumps

Electro-hydraulic solutions with powers from 0.3 to 30 kW, with tension from 24 up to 600V.

Electro Hydraulic Pumps

Cars electrify, now farm vehicles.

Even in the most advanced countries, few farms can provide the power to fast-charge a Tesla or an electric tractor, let alone large farm vehicles. All the same, many agricultural vehicle makers are going electric because the charging capability, affordability and other factors are rapidly falling into place just as they are for road vehicles.

By the year 2050, growers will need to reach an impressive level of food production to help feed a growing world population. Fewer in number, they will operate multifaceted businesses with stunning new technology to increase efficiency on farms.

This will be a challenge. Farmers are famously and sensibly sceptical of change, since the cost of getting things wrong (messing up an entire season’s harvest) is so high. Yet if precision farming and genomics play out as many hope they will, another such change is in the offing.

Agricultural Tools

Agricultural equipments are traditionally connected to the tractor by direct mechanical transmission (power take-off, PTO) or through a hydraulic circuit.

In recent years, thanks to the levels of reliability and efficiency achieved by current electric motors, a progressive and unstoppable process of electrification of power transmission has begun.

In an electrified equipment the loads are directly coupled to electric motors.


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