Cost-Saving Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicles

  • Reducing Labor Cost

    The most obvious cost saving that comes from implementing automated guided vehicles is a reduction in labor costs because you are either replacing an existing employee or foregoing a new hire. In exchange for the initial investment that it takes to purchase an AGV, employers save money by eliminating ongoing costs that accompany human personnel: salary, healthcare, retirement benefits, vacation and sick time, overtime pay.

  • Eliminate Damage to Structures

    People make mistakes. They get tired, fatigued, and distracted. They sometimes don’t see an obstacle until they ram the forklift into it. Accidents and mistakes cost companies money by damaging a product that can no longer be sold and by damaging equipment or structures that then need to be replaced. AGVs do not have to contend with the same issues that human workers do; they don’t get tired, they don’t get fatigued, they don’t get distracted thinking about lunch. Through their use of sensors, lasers, and cameras, AGVs save money by reducing the damage that human operators can cause.

  • Increase Workplace Safety

    Using AGVs increases workplace safety in a number of ways. In addition to removing the human element, which is at the root of many accidents, they can perform tasks that are dangerous to human workers, such as handling hazardous substances, working in extreme temperatures, and moving heavy materials. This ultimately moves personnel out of harm’s way. AGVs operate in a controlled manner, with smooth and consistent acceleration/deceleration and monitored top speeds—a direct contrast to manual forklift drivers, who can whip around a plant at high speeds and endanger staff.

  • Increase Inventory Efficiency

    When linked with a warehouse control system or a warehouse management system, AGVs easily and automatically track inventory. This lowers costs by removing the need to have workers perform inventory. Increased accuracy of inventory also means that you know exactly how much material you have, allowing you to order materials when you need them. This prevents the loss of time and productivity that can occur if you are waiting for a new shipment to arrive and also prevents the waste of capital that can occur if you order something that you don’t yet need.

Benevelli Solutions for AGV Market


The simplest solution to move your AGVs. Two linear axis gearboxes combine two asynchronous motors with integrated emergency brakes. Double wheel drives traction allows high transfer speeds.


Two small synchronous motors integrated in all-in-one gearboxes allows to reach torque at wheels up to 150Nm in just 150mm diameter! Contact us for more news and for book your samples.


Direct drive solution with zero backlash. Four small wheel drives will allow your AGV to move and position itself perfectly where required. The most innovative solution in Benevelli products range.


Our top solution, capable of releasing up to 1.000Nm of torque in just 450mm track-width. Available with different wheel diameters and gear ratios, DD1 Serie stands as the new standard for the AGV market.


Scalable AGV Systems

Benevelli wheel drives systems provide the flexibility to handle a wide variety of demanding speed and weight capacity requirements. The versatility offered by the numerous motor, gearbox and wheel drives combinations allows for custom tailored solutions.

Our motors are designed to meet your requirements, whether that is an AGV application that requires a substantial amount of torque or an ultra-compact outer rotor solution. We offer a diverse line of products that provide a wide variety of speeds, torque ranges, feedback options, connector types and mounting options.

Discover our Products
electric motor

Compact and high-density motors able to achieve impressive performance, available with AC and PMAC technology with surface or internal magnets. Designed and manufactured by Benevelli Group.

wheel drives

All in one solution: electric motor, gearbox and wheel. Benevelli wheel drive units are perfect for self-driving vehicles thanks to their precise positioning and their high efficiency.

electric transaxles

The ideal solution for last-mile electric vehicles: high power, high efficiency and high speed, making your vehicles quick and snappy. Different models available for every type of vehicle architecture.

About Benevelli

Over 50 years of experience. From local market to worldwide one, this is the history of Mr. Emidio Benevelli that on 1962 founded what would become the company that still bears his name. He began building gearboxes and mechanical inverters for agricultural and construction markets, always aiming for maximum quality. Today, under the leadership of his son Alberto, the company exports to over 40 countries and it's the market leader in the construction of transaxles and power drive units for electric vehicles.

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