Why Are EVs the Future For Last-Mile Delivery?

Electric delivery vehicles are becoming a more common sight on inner city roads

low-emission zones

Increasingly, low-emission zones in cities like London and Berlin, or other state and local regulations, will gradually force fleet companies to deploy more and more electric vehicles.

environmental awareness

The growing environmental awareness will give rise to pressure from customers, both courier and postal services, but above all directly to online stores where they make purchases.

EV Features

EVs can be more comfortable for drivers on short distances because they’re quick to start, virtually silent, and smooth to drive. All these features show EVs are perfect for urban driving.

Discover Benevelli Solutions for Last-Mile Delivery EVs

A Guide for Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

electric motor

Compact and high-density motors able to achieve impressive performance, available with AC and PMAC technology with surface or internal magnets. Designed and manufactured by Benevelli Group.

wheel drives

All in one solution: electric motor, gearbox and wheel. Benevelli wheel drive units are perfect for self-driving vehicles thanks to their precise positioning and their high efficiency.

electric transaxles

The ideal solution for last-mile electric vehicles: high power, high efficiency and high speed, making your vehicles quick and snappy. Different models available for every type of vehicle architecture.


Benevelli will present new products in 2020

We need more mobility, but we must do it in a smarter way. Intelligent transportation systems rely on an integrated approach between infrastructure, technology and the legal framework. At present, ICT is currently used by last mile delivery companies to increase efficiency of their own routes.

The ultimate goal should be smart mobility

The ultimate goal should be smart mobility: a combination of electrification, connectivity and automation to achieve six zeros: zero emissions, zero energy (EVs charged by sustainable electricity generation), zero congestion, zero accidents, zero empty (ensuring all space is used within last mile delivery vehicles) and zero cost (shared ownership, lower maintenance cost).


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Over 50 years of experience. From local market to worldwide one, this is the history of Mr. Emidio Benevelli that on 1962 founded what would become the company that still bears his name. He began building gearboxes and mechanical inverters for agricultural and construction markets, always aiming for maximum quality. Today, under the leadership of his son Alberto, the company exports to over 40 countries and it's the market leader in the construction of transaxles and power drive units for electric vehicles.

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