Electric Wheel Drive

WD220 Serie the first all-in-one electric wheel drive with IPM motor technology

Electrified wheel drive WD220 Serie utilize high density IPM motors that thanks to permanent magnet design make the unit 50% smaller than a traditional wheel drive. Water- and Shock-proof WD220 Serie delivers optimal torque and long-life performance required for off-highway mobile equipment.

Electric Wheel Drive for Agriculture


Electric Wheel Drive for AGV


Electric Wheel Drive for Airport GSE


Electric Wheel Drive for Cleaning


Electric Wheel Drive for Construction


A higher power level

Benevelli is a premium manufacturer known and appreciated for its e-products. The company, based in Italy, has been working in the electrification since 1996. With WD220 Serie electric wheel drives Benevelli has reached a top development about construction & agricultural applications.

The new synchronous IPM motor is the force behind WD220 Serie and its advanced performance. It works with the power of neodymium magnets set with chirurgical precision inside the motor rotors.

A 100% waterproof solution capable of dealing with humidity, dust, mud and high pressure water jets. The rugged aluminum terminal block allows to raise the degree of protection also to the power connections.

Another valuable element on which Benevelli focuses is the silence typical of electrical applications. Electric wheel drives WD220 Serie in fact stand out for this feature and for their respect for the environment.

Each of wheel traction drives is capable of reaching an output torque of 1.000 Nm. The independent control of each wheel gives the opportunity to machines to be driven better on slippery surfaces.

Being designed to perform at zero emissions, they are ideally suited for installation on systems to be used in closed environments.

IPM Motor Technology

Benevelli electric motors platform is available in a variety of configurations and can be customized to integrate seamlessly with other components such as an electric transaxle or wheel drive.

Which WD 220 is right for you?

Electric Wheeldrive allpurpose


Electric Wheeldrive Indoor AGV Material Handling


Electric Wheeldrive Outdoor Construction Machinery


Electric Wheeldrive Outdoor Off Road Extreme


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