Synchronous Motors

Benevelli electric motors platform is available in a variety of configurations and can be customized to integrate seamlessly with other components such as an electric transaxle or wheel drive.

Wheel Drives

We delivery mobile drivetrain and motion solutions for construction, agriculture, material handling, and cleaning industry. Benevelli wheeldrives are designed as a monoblock including motor, reducer and wheels in a all-in-one solution for a convenient and easy vehicles installation.

E-Pump Noiseless

Hydraulic pumps, especially those used in high pressure applications, emit noise and/or vibration at levels that are unacceptable for specific existing and new applications. This is why Benevelli provides noiseless pump technology capable of eliminating acoustic emissions and vibrations.

Electric Transaxles

Electric Transaxle consists in high performance powertrain for battery powered vehicles. Powertrain includes a gearbox with differential (diff-lock optional), rigid axle, brake system and an electric motor.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo brings together engineers, business leaders, top-industry companies, and innovative thinkers to discover ground-breaking products and create powerful solutions for the future.

The expertly curated four-track conference features immersive tracks spanning new methods of advanced battery design and latest technologies, battery manufacturing development, and newly added forecasts of the market supply chain and regulatory outlook. The three-day educational event brings together battery and EV/HEV manufacturers, industry experts, thought leaders, and academics to discuss and help solve your manufacturing, supply chain and production challenges.

Few days ago Canimex team flew to Novi, Michigan to take part in the 2022 EV Tech Expo! A big thank you to everyone who came to see our showcased products! We would also like to thank our electrification experts Dominic Bolduc, Martin Aube, Mounsif Sarif, Nordine Chérif and Arnold Loucas for their hard work during the event. Each year buyers, executives, and decision-makers attend North America’s largest annual advanced battery and electric hybrid & vehicles technology event — The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo. And they’re not just looking to network — they hit the floor with the goal of sourcing the latest technologies across commercial and industrial transportation, stationary energy storage, portable electronics, and more.

Which Motor for
Your Application?

We know that selecting the right motor can be a complicated process. Perhaps you’re in the early stages of a project that requires a motor, but you aren’t sure what type of motor best fits your application.

Maybe you’re in charge of purchasing motors and you’d like to better understand which specifications are important. Or maybe you’re just making sure the motor in your product is the right one. Whatever the case, our primary goal is to help you feel more comfortable selecting motors.

Our approach will be to give you a background of the motor types as well as help you understand when and why one motor should be used over another. We’ll show you how to take advantage of simple modifications to get the best motor for your application.

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