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Advantages of Using IPM Electric Motors in Construction Equipment

In recent years, significant efforts have been made to increase construction vehicles' efficiency. Heavy machinery manufacturers are shifting towards electrification of their cars to make electrical construction equipment more sustainable. So now we can say that electric construction vehicles are getting equal to electric cars and other electric transport vehicles as they are eco-friendly.

Using electrical equipment in construction machinery is not a new concept. The hybrid vehicles that work on diesel and electricity were present for many years. But recently, a new development came that is all alone electric vehicles. For Instance, telescopic handlers, dumpers, excavators, and skid steer loaders are coming in all-electric models. You can have these heavy electrical equipped construction machines on rent and buy them. Keep pace with us if you want to know the benefits of using electrical equipment in construction machinery, such as electric drives and motors, instead of conventional diesel-powered systems.

Top 5 Benefits of Going Electric

When you shift from conventional diesel power systems to electric systems, you save the environment, but this is one aspect. There are many other aspects which are highlighted below.

1. Low Carbon Emissions

As no fuel such as gasoline or diesel is combusting so, we are emitting zero percent carbon emissions. It means our construction machinery is more sustainable and eco-friendly. Nowadays, this shift from fuel to electricity is needed by us as our construction machines are contributing 39% of the entire world's CO2 emissions. Moreover, there is need of fast switchover of machinery towards friendly power sources which is relatively slow at present. In addition, the electric equipment used in construction machines does not rely on fossil fuel; instead, there are lithium-ion batteries. The devices with electric equipment are the most needed while working in areas where carbon emissions are not allowed. In some countries, like the US, a ban is likely to be imposed on the emission of CO2.

2. Low Noise Pollution

Noise and the construction industry are both closely related. Noise is the major problem in construction work. Loud and bang noises are a health risk for the workers working on a site, and also, this unwanted loud noise creates discomfort for the people living nearby. Our ears are sensitive, so if they are exposed to 85dB noise for prolonged hours, it will be hazardous for us. But this risk is more to be faced by construction workers working on-site day and night. It is our good luck that construction machinery using electric equipment like electric motors and electric wheel drives is quitter than the fossil fuel-based counterpart. We do not need a diesel engine and a cooling fan in our electric equipment-based machinery, so we are cutting the extra noise generated from vibrations. Thus, these electric machines are safer to operate, and the workforce remains relaxed at the end of the day.

3. Low Project Expenses

There is a long-term benefit in the cost reduction of projects of construction companies if they use electric equipment-based machinery. The elimination of fuel costs alongside the decrease in overall operating time (lower engine runtime) by using electric gear is responsible for the overall project's cost decrease. When the machine runs on the diesel-powered system, we have to keep it on and in running condition even when it is just standing in an idle position. At the same time, there is no such compulsion to keep the machinery engine on while in a non-operative state. The electric equipment can be a turn-off as soon as the machine stops, and there is no need for further work. Thus the additional operating time, which may be several hours, is effectively reduced..

4. Reduction in Maintenance Costs

The maintenance cost is also minimal when using electrical equipment in construction vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries with electric motors do not require appreciable maintenance, or we can say these are maintenance-free. In addition, electric machinery has a reduced number of parts compared with diesel machinery. Moreover, routine maintenance, like changing parts' oil replacement, becomes invalid in electric machines' cases. You are spending less time in the workshop, which saves you money; time, and you also benefit from the peace of mind.

5. Vehicle Data Acquisition

It is another benefit of electric systems. It allows us to monitor some key performance indicators of our machines that were impossible in diesel-based setups. By using electric systems, we can easily optimize the performance of our machinery by looking at the trend of data. We can monitor the health of the battery; optimize the performance and overall efficiency. After some time, the users of these vehicles have data over the period. This collected data can decide what maintenance is needed for their cars. It falls under preventive care to avoid any more significant problems in the future.

Examples of Electric Construction Equipment

All-Electric Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat's new compact track loader is an innovative example in the field of electric loaders. The company fully understands the need to preserve the environment, thus shifting from diesel to electricity in larger construction vehicles. Moreover, electricity gives some maximum benefits as well. An electrical drive system of electric cylinders and drive motors has completely replaced the conventional hydraulic work group, requiring essentially no fluids. Compared to its diesel/hydraulic equivalent model, the new, all-electric Bobcat T7X uses only one quart of environmentally friendly coolant, saving 57 gallons of fluid. The all-electric platform makes instantaneous power and peak torque possible at every operating speed. The standard hydraulic system no longer requires the operator to wait for power to build up.


E-dumper is another best example of heavy electric load vehicles performing more efficiently. It is also known as an Electrical Giant, powered by a 4.4 tine battery with a capacity of 600kWh. The machine weighs 111 tonnes and is 10m x 4m in dimensions. According to Kuhn Schweiz AG, the Komatsu "e-dumper" can move 60 tons of lime and marl from a high-elevation extraction area to a permanently installed transport system when fully loaded. According to the company, benefits include a yearly savings of about 50,000 litres of diesel, which removes about 130 tons of CO2 from the owner's carbon balance when converted to carbon emissions.

Electric Telescopic Handler

It is a new product from a renowned company JCB, which falls under the 100% electric E-tech range with model number 525-60E. This fantastic electric machine has a maximum lift capacity of 2500 Kgs and can reach a height of 6 meters. In addition, it has a battery capacity of 24kWh. The machine operates with zero carbon emissions and low noise compared with fossil fuel-based machinery. However, there is no compromise on its performance. Thus, you can run this machine with complete freedom wherever and whenever.

Towards the future

Construction machinery that runs entirely on electricity has already shown that it can compete with diesel-powered equipment while costing less and emitting fewer emissions. The next time you require the rental of a forklift, wheel loader, telescopic handler, dumper, skid steer loader, or another piece of construction machinery, give a hybrid or electric model some thought.

Your project's costs will decrease, contributing to a quieter, greener future for the building sector.

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