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We have collected 10 technical articles (among the best scientific publications) about Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

1. Permanent Magnet Machines for High-Speed Applications

#windings #highspeed #stators

This paper overviews high-speed permanent magnet (HSPM) machines, accounting for stator structures, winding configurations, rotor constructions, and parasitic effects. Firstly, single- phase and three-phase PM machines are introduced for high-speed applications. Secondly, for three-phase HSPM machines, applications, advantages, and disadvantages of slotted/slotless stator structures.

2. Analysis of IPM Motors Parameters in a Traction Motors

#ev #hev #eightpoles

This paper presents a review of the electromagnetic field and a performance analysis of a radial flux interior permanent magnet (IPM) machine designed to achieve 80 kW and 125 Nm for an electric and hybrid traction vehicle. The motor consists of a 12-slot stator with a three-phase concentrated winding as well as an 8-pole rotor with V-shaped magnets

3. Advantages of IPM Motor in Electrical Propulsion Over Other Motors

#comparison #electricmotors #ev

The paper presents a brief comparison between various motors in various aspects of the desired characteristics of a drive used in electricvehicles. The use of Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor as a drive in Electric vehicles can be proved to be a smart decision because of the advantages it offer.

4. Comparing AC Induction with IPM Motors in HEV and the Impact on the Value Proposition

#comparison #ac #ipm

In the recent years, vehicle OEMs have been faced with the challenge to increase the efficiency of their vehicles. These challenges stem from soaring fuel prices, government regulation mandating increased fuel economy, laws requiring reduced greenhouse gasses and customers demanding productivity gains on the vehicles.

5. Design and Analysis of Rotor Shapes for IPM Motors in EV Power Traction Platforms

#rotor #shapes #highefficiency

The recent increase in the use of permanent magnet rotor motors underlines the importance of designing a rotor with an interior permanent magnet (IPM) structure, high power, and high efficiency. This study analyzed the rotor shapes of IPM motors for electric vehicles. Five types of motor rotors for automobiles were analyzed, including two hybrid vehicles.

6. Cogging Torque Reduction of IPM Synchronous Motors by Finite-Element Method

#cogging #torque #vibration

The cogging torque of a permanent-magnet motor is an oscillatory torque that always induces vibration, acoustic noise, possible resonance and speed ripples, and its minimization is a major concern for electric motor designers. The results show that the peak value of the cogging torque for the modified design decreases 50% in comparison with that of the original design.

7. Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for E Bike

#ebike #scooter #torque

In this paper, a type of interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor design has been proposed for E scooter application as electric motors. An existing permanent magnet motor has maximum speed of 50km/h with an electric motor 5kW-5000 rpm. To improve electromagnetic torque in lager range operation, a higher speed electric motor 5.5 kW and 7000 rpm can run up to 70km/h. 

8. Design Issues of an Interior Permanent Magnet Motor for Electric Power Steering

#smoothness #steering #electricmotors

In electric power steering (EPS), permanent magnet (PM) motors offer distinct advantages over other electric motor types in terms torque smoothness, reliability and efficiency. The design procedure of an interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor used in EPS is presented in this paper. The requirements of the steering system are first introduced, and the machine’s specifications are then derived.

9. A Design of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicles

#winding #concentrated #rotor

Fractional slot concentrated winding interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has the advantages of high torque density, high efficiency and simple manufacture, which has been widely used in electric vehicles. In this paper, a fractional slot concentrated winding interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with shape rotor is proposed.

10. Electric Vehicle Powertrain Architecture and Control Global Optimization

#bev #powertrain #ev

The design of a full electric vehicle (or battery electric vehicle (BEV)) requires the development and optimization of a complete electric powertrain, including battery, power electronics, electric machine, sensors and control system. This paper presents an electric powertrain simulation platform developed with Matlab-Simulink, dedicated to multiphysic optimization of the system.

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