Dirty Job?
No Problem with SMAC Serie.

Water, mud, sand have always been enemies of electricity. At the same time, however, the electrification proceeds swiftly also in off-highway machines, in all terrain vehicles, in tractors and in all those machines that operate on extreme terrain.

Crumbly Soil
Road Salt
Pressure Washer

Why SMAC Motors

SMAC Serie motors are designed to withstand the extreme and stringent requirements, tested to meet the demanding IP6K9K specification using high pressure steam and water.

Wherever SMAC motor is installed, it will be protected from the environment and ready for a long and productive life.

Electric quad IP6k9k

Rugged Design

Specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and wet or dusty conditions.

Fully Encapsulated

Designed to be shock-proof thanks to internal encapsulation, it meets meeting requirements for equipment with shock, low noise & vibration requirements.

Protected Sensors

Equipment used outdoors is usually subject to rain and snow during typical use. Each single motor sensor is so fully protected or incapsulated because it matters.

Salt Spray Protection

Rugged products 100% made in Italy using the highest material quality, fabrication &  coating designed to be shock-proof, vibration-proof, salt spray resistant.

Electric Motors IPM Benevelli

Which is the best electric motor for your application?

Each application has specific needs and it's important to be supported by a experienced manufacturer, who can provide the right advice in choosing the most suitable motor for your electric vehicle.

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