Electric Garbage Trucks 

Ready for the Future of Electric Garbage Trucks

On the road to sustainability, we have trucks, diesel trucks, compressed and liquified natural gas trucks. Even hybrid-electric trucks.

Trucks are a critical component of an effective integrated waste management system.

We use trucks to collect and transport solid waste, recyclables, and organics to processing and disposal facilities, both near and far.

The future of trucks is exciting. In fact, it will be electric!

What Future Awaits Us?

A Detailed Look

Which Motors for Garbage Trucks

The ideal electric motors for garbage trucks are synchronous with interior permanent magnets (IPM Electric Motors).

Discover Why

  • Scalable
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Cost Saving
  • Scalable

    Scalable solutions with powers from 300W for the smallest movements up to 200kW for the highest performance requirements. Low to High voltage ready.

  • Durability

    An IPM motor lasts longer than a traditional AC Induction one, this means less maintenance intervention and a longer life for the entire system.

  • Performance

    IPM motor technology boasting up to 96% efficiency that enables the production of motors a third of the size and weight of typical AC induction ones.

  • Cost Saving

    More efficiency means less power consumption and therefore all components (inverter, battery, cables) will be sized accordingly for a whole efficient system.

100% Electric
100% Benevelli

Why IPM Motors?

Interior permanent magnet motors are well known for their high torque density, achieved largely due to the high airgap flux density produced by rare earth magnets. The results produced by the characteristics mentioned above mean that an IPM motor can be up to a third of the size and weight of AC induction or brushed DC motor, while staying cost neutral or cheaper for a given power rating.

In many applications a motor’s location means it is unsprung mass and exposed to harsh vibrations; this can cause insulation failures within the motor. Benevelli IPM motor incorporates encapsulated windings and stator to protect the motor against vibration fatigue: the windings are not exposed to environmental conditions.

On IPM motor the magnets are embedded within the rotor design. This eliminates risk of a magnet separating from the rotor and causing failure; it also allows the rotor to rotate at higher speeds. In addition to the windings, the magnets can be completely encapsulated, thus protecting them from environmental and vibration fatigue.

Facts and Numbers

SMAC Serie Specs

Frame Measurements
  •  SMAC 077 Serie 

    300 to 500W

  •  SMAC 096 Serie 

    500 to 1000W

  •  SMAC 132 Serie 

    1 to 3kW

  •  SMAC 200 Serie 

    3 to 30kW

  •  SMAC 270 Serie 

    30 to 200kW

  •  IEC B14 
  •  IEC B5 
  •  SAE A - B 
  •  NEMA 
  •  B3 

    Mounting Foot

  •  Liquid Cooled 

    Extreme Performances

  •  IP 

    Protection up to IP6k9k

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