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As yacht owners and builders become increasingly aware of environmental issues, electric boats have come to be one of the nautical industry’s most dynamic trends. With most luxury crafts still relying on fossil fuel use, the impact of yachting on the environment remains a major issue.

Fossil fuels damage the environment not only through greenhouse gas emissions. Their extraction process degrades natural ecosystems, while oil spills pollute the oceans with toxins and carcinogens. In the pursuit of sustainable propulsion solutions, shipyards across the globe are more and more eager to introduce green alternatives to conventional combustion engines.

The benefits of electric engines are numerous, both for the environment and boat owners.

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Electric boats can substantially reduce fossil fuel use by relying on sun and wind for energy generation.

Crafts equipped with electric engines allow for quiet journeys and provide for a more relaxing environment on board thanks to a silent, vibration and fume-free operation.

On top of environmentally-friendly propulsion, electric motors offer significant cost savings as they don’t consume fuel and require less maintenance than diesel engines.

Is the electric inboard/outboard motor worth the upfront investment?

What’s the range and runtime of electric propulsion systems?

What’s the most powerful electric motors available and affordable today?

Are you looking for an emission-free quiet propulsion solution?

We have the answer

Save time and your impact on the environment with our marine electric propulsion solutions. Benevelli Marine offers a range of turnkey electric propulsion systems for both leisure and commercial vessels operating from 1 to 200kW peak powers, from low to high voltage using the innovative IPM motore technology.


1 to 104kW


24 to 650V


IPM Liquid Cooled


up to 97%

We closely cooperate with Rama Marine to provide complete propulsion solutions

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