A Zero Emission Future

We love to dig into customer projects supporting them with innovative technologies.

Benevelli Group offers you scalable driveline solutions for all eMobility applications. With our wide product portfolio we focus on key results, building professional and human relationships, thanks to over then twenty years experience in electrification.

One Partner

The advantage of a single partner who will take care all aspects without outsourcing to third parties.

Family Feeling

The advantage of having all vital components with a similar design giving your vehicle added value.

Shared Parts

The advantage of having components quick to install due shared technical knowledge and parts.

One Partner. All Solutions

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Suction Motor

SMAC Serie

Synchronous motors with efficiencies up to 96% allow constant working operations without killing your batteries

Water Pump

SMAC Serie

High pressure water pump motors. The motor fix directly to the pump for all-in-one compact solution.

Electric Transaxle

TX2 Serie

Electric Transaxle with hydraulic drum brakes (service) combined with electromagnetic automatic parking braking system.

Monitoring Device


Diagnostic device BenConnect keep under control all vital parameters of your vehicles and bring data on Cloud platform.

Electric Steering

AMAC Serie

Electric steering system combines electric motors (different powers and voltages) with different gearbox models (different gear ratios).

Wheel Drive

WD Serie

High efficiency wheel drives that combine a compact gearbox integrated on a synchronous motor with parking brake.

Hydraulic Pump

SMAC Serie

Noiseless hydraulic pump that combined with SMAC Series motors ensure long service times and low current absorption for a greater efficiency of the whole system.

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