Benevelli invests in future


Recently we have equipped our technical department with the most advanced software for design and calculation.

We have joined Kisssoft AG family (Gleason Corporation) and their software.

The investment includes software for sizing and analyzing all types of gears and gearbox solutions from KISSsoft AG.



KISSsoft is a program for sizing, optimizing and recalculating designs for machine components such as shafts and bearings, screws, springs, joining elements, crossed helical, bevel and hypoid gears.



KISSsys is an add-on software that allows model transmissions and drivetrains. In addition to strength verification in accordance with applicable standards numerous optimization functions are offered. 


With Kisssoft we can already know the level of efficiency and noise of a transmission during the design phase

This is a very important investment that will make us take a huge leap by further differentiating ourselves from our competitors who don't own these technologies. The software gives us incredible possibilities compared to the ones used previously.

Soon (2020) new products on the market

 The increasing number of e-machines is already having an impact on the design of transmissions meaning a whole series of new challenges. Requirements for low-noise and low-vibration transmissions as well as high power density and transmission efficiency are very high.

We (further) differentiate ourselves from competitors

KISSsoft offers us various calculation modules for the design and optimization of vehicle transmissions. With the help of KISSsys, the entire gearbox kinematics can be set up quickly and easily along with a strength evaluation of the overall system.


 We develop, designs & manufactures 

 transaxles, electric motors & wheel drives

for agricultural & farming machines

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