Austin Mini goes Electric with Benevelli Powertrains

A French start-up electrifies Austin Mini, in a circular economy approach.

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Original Mini Cooper Undergoes EV Conversion. What do you guys think? Electric conversions are a smart way to keep classic iron relevant in tomorrow’s cities.

A new market for Benevelli, the conversion of vehicles into electric

150 kilometers of autonomy, enough when you know that, on average Europeans drive 38 kilometers a day. Mini displays 36 kW peak power, as much as a Smart EQ, but with 300 kg less, that's impressive!

TX2 Serie is the right product for this market thanks to its compactness and the 1.600Nm output torque

Electric Products Range

Project started a few years ago when Benevelli customers Laurent Blond and Roland Schaumann meet in F1. Both of them was driven by the same idea of transforming old vehicles into electric.

Our solutions offer maximum power density in compact dimensions

Our customer want an electric car with the least amount of pollutants possible. For example, the batteries used contain neither cobalt nor nickel, but iron and phosphate. Benevelli electric powertrain improves both emissions quality and performance.

Hybrid solutions for higher power ranges? We are work on that!

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