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At LogiMAT 2019 Benevelli will presents three NEW products series offering solutions for traction, lifting and steering for Material Handling market. 

AMAC Serie - SMAC Serie - WD Serie


why 3 new products serie

We considered essential to extend our program by introducing new products range. Our target is to support customers with all-in-one solutions.

Electric Motors will be available with power range from 0,3 to 20KW

Highly industrialized and modular concept, this is how our electric motors has been designed. Several possibility of customizing as output shafts, flanges and encoders adapted for several kind of applications

AMAC serie includes Asynchronous Motors AC while SMAC serie includes Synchronous AC Motors

what's WD serie

Just last year we launched DD1 serie, a drivewheels range with torque up to 500Nm, load up to 500Kg and wheels diameter up to 350mm

WD Serie, wheel drives definitively reinvented

WD Serie are PMAC drive wheels that includes traction drive system and on-board electronic in a single unit. Easy to install, compact and powerful, everything you've been waiting for is NOW here.

We look forward to seeing you at LogiMAT Halle 7 booth D01

virtual reality

Come in our booth and discover our new virtual configurator

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