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We recently completed an interesting project with the McMaster University of Hamilton (Canada)

The Project

Our company has always been sensitive to co-operation with schools and universities all over the world. We recently completed an interesting project with the McMaster University of Hamilton (Canada) followed with partnership of Mr. Remy Audel (Supervisor and Design Engineer of BTECH EV).

In early 2016 Mr. Audel and his Master of Engineering Design colleagues set about designing a vehicle to meet a proposition from the new W Booth School of Engineering Practice & Technology (SEPT) at McMaster University. The task was to build a low-cost electric vehicle to be used by undergraduate students in Automotive Engineering Technology as a learning platform to develop current and future automotive technologies. These included, but were not limited to, automotive electrification, automated driving and connected car functionality.

Modular All-in-one Solution

Throughout the last two years, both graduate and undergraduate students have worked together to arrive at a successfully functioning vehicle platform. With a low-cost constraint, tight timeline, and need for robust reliability, Benevelli quickly stood out as a supplier of choice for our drivetrain.

Benevelli offered the TX2 transaxle made to order, with the precise power, operating voltage and dimensional requirements we specified, not to mention our limited budget. We needed a modular, all-in-one solution for the rear braking, drive, and suspension mounting: Benevelli was easy to find, and a pleasure to work with. The TX2 has proven to be robust and easy to integrate.




Team Roster


Jack Gillies BTech Director of Automotive Development, Electrical Lead

Richard Martens BTech Steering Development and Integration, Steering Lead

Patrick Alex BTech Battery Thermal Management Lead

Edward Garcia Torres BTech Suspension Development Lead

Edmund Tam BTech CAE Analyst / FEA Lead

Hasan Afzal BTech BMS Communication Lead

Miransh Trivedi BTech HMI Lead

Faculty and Graduate Students:

Dr. Ishwar Singh Professor and Faculty Client

Dr. Dan Centea Program Chair, Automotive and Vehicle Technology

Dr. Robert Fleisig Graduate Supervisor, Engineering Design

Dr. Moehin Mehrtas Undergraduate Supervisory Professor

Dr. Timber Yuen Undergraduate Supervisory Professor

Prof. George Apostol Technical Support and Project Consulting

Remy Audel MEngD Designer, Rear Suspension, Powertrain & Chassis

Callan Yan MEngD Designer, Powertrain Validation, Steering & Front Suspension

Josh Gloor MEngD Manufacturing liaison & V2X Architect

Michael Ribbins MEngD Faculty liaison & V2X Architect

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