Electrification Event @ Tecnopolo

Benevelli participated at the event "Electrification and Hybridization: evolution and new industrial applications" organized by REI (Reggio Emilia Innovation).

The Scenario

The scenario introduced by electric mobility opens up new challenges and opportunities for the electrification of products and machinery that are profoundly changing the design and production cycle of applications for industrial and domestic use.

There will be a lack of components due to the speed of hybridization and electrification process in the market

Electric Limits ?

There are clear limits in the electrification of all the machines, but the available technologies allow different degrees of electrification, going from Micro-Hybrid, Mild-Hybrid, Full-Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid to Full Electric solutions. The conference touched also some aspects related to the evolution of new technologies in powertrain electric, this point of course was for us the most interesting as completely inherent to our core business.

It's no longer enough to be able to supply a powertrain that makes the vehicle work but it is necessary to activate a plan of research and development that can make the traditional powertrains evolve.


Dott. Claudio Bianchini - RAW POWER



This opens up new challenges and opportunities for local businesses, affected by this change that requires the development of skills and new products, and which is revolutionizing the entire supply chain. This event was attended by the manufacturers of machines and systems for agriculture, earth moving, vehicles for logistics and maintenance, special purpose vehicles; the companies in the hydraulic and endothermic production chain, the suppliers of control and implementation systems and components, involved in the development of new product lines and open to new markets. 

Ahead of its time, Benevelli already has complete high efficiency powertrain solutions in-to its products portfolio

The event was held at Tecnopolo of Reggio Emilia. Tecnopolo is located within the nascent Innovation Park and is home to Industrial Research Laboratories, UNIMORE, private, and StartUp. The meetings are organized by REI Foundation, which promotes technology transfer and collaboration between Research and Business, thanks to the expertise of UNIMORE and the High Technology Network.

Credits Prof. Giovanni Franceschini - UNIMORE, Dott. Claudio Bianchini - RAW POWER, Dr. Fabio Immovilli - UNIMORE

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