Measuring Test

A temperature and humidity controlled laboratory where we can carry out millesimal measurements on every single component of our products.

Test Benches

Dynamometric test benches allow us to test the cycles of our electric motors and to carry out simulations for special working conditions.

Total Control

Total control during each assembly operation, a supervision software allows us to have a fluid, fast and efficient production process.

Silence Please

Low noise emissions from gears are the key to the quietness of your electric vehicles and the quality perceived by your customers.


We conduct detailed teardown and benchmarking of powertrains typically for two purposes: cost and engineering inputs for new product development and single elements analysis.

Optical Measurement

With optical measurement system the quality control takes less than 60 seconds providing high-resolution images, which allow operators to capture all the finest details.

Hardness Testing

Hardness testing is a key element in many quality control procedures and R&D work, keep monitoring the homogeneity and the microstructure of materials..

Gear Measuring Machine

An indispensable operation in order to guarantee qualitative continuity in our powertrains. The machine works in a temperature-controlled laboratory and has a resolution of one tenth of a thousandth.

Torque Control

Self-calibrating mounting tools detect the tightening torque of every single bolt of our powertrains. The control data is stored on our server for total traceability.

4.0 Interconnection

Each of our departments is interconnected, this allows us to archive every single step of our operations and to be able to access to a central archive that is always updated.

EOL Test

EOL testing ensures those parts have been manufactured to the appropriate specifications, as well as giving engineers an indication of when to start troubleshooting to reduce failure rates.

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